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SLM Creation

SLM Creation

SLMs are Self Learning Materials that are focused on summarizing long content and concepts into a very small and descriptive manner. These are a very useful resource during the preparation of any examination as it helps the students to quickly revise all the topics that are involved in the particular chapter or topic. But this SLM preparation requires a lot of expertise as it needs to be precise with all the sufficient information.

Freeco is an expert in creating effective Self Learning Materials for all different fields of education. Our SLMs are precise and cover all the different features that a student would need to learn during the final revision.

Our SLMs usually consist of
  • Learning Objectives
  • Topic wise explanation
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Description based Questions
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Glossary

These contents can be changed based on the requirements but we can assure you of the fact that our content is one of a kind.