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Text Solutions

Text Solutions

Textbooks are one of the most trusted sources of learning. These have been around for decades and are still the most reliable source of education. But Publishers and Clients always face the challenge of acquiring excellent Subject Matter Experts who can create the best quality content for them. That is when we come into picture.

Freeco has an excellent team of SMEs capable of delivering high quality and high volume content to meet all your Organization’s requirements. Our team of experts is well trained to prepare content in any format you like while maintaining the best quality standards. Having worked with the most renowned Organizations in the Indian and US Market, our team has gained an immense experience of creating content for different market specifications too.

We are to deliver content which is:
  • Grade Specific
  • Subject Specific
  • Course Specific
  • Board Specific

We can assure you that partnering with us will make your process of Content Creation easy and hassle free.